Our Services
We provide a complete suite of services for power solution.

Engineering Design

Being a solution provider in power industry, we have a team of professionals and technical expertise to assist our clients in identifying their problems, listen to their requirements, understand the relevant specifications and standards, and design the solutions to solve the problems. Our goal is to ensure and provide the economic value, safety and sustainability of our clients’ projects.

Our capability in engineering design includes power engineering design in relation to power transmission, transformation and distribution up to 1000kV, general construction, project management, and related technology and management services.


Quality Assurance and Quality Control are the roles that we adamantly preserve. It is our mission to comply with the industry standards for all the products and services that we provide or to be provided. Our QA & QC services cover various aspects in power industry, including but not limited to factory audit, material inspection, production control and site inspection.

Tower Testing

The public safety and sustainability of towers in service are the stakes that the industry players could not jeopardize. The model and quality of the steel tower used in power transmission shall comply to the design, drawing and other relevant contractual or regulatory requirements. In collaboration with our strategic partners, we provide detailed assessment, cost-effective service, comprehensive field assistance, reliable reporting in respect to tower testing for our customers.

Project Management

With the extensive experience in project management, we are capable to best serve our clients in planning, scheduling, commissioning their projects in power industry. Our experience and technical expertise contribute to the best outcomes of each project stages: stage management, quantitative management and optimization management.

Procurement Management

A strategic approach in procurement management is advantageous in optimizing the cost of procurement. We have well-established relationship with its local and foreign strategic partners that will assist our client in achieving the said objective. Our service in procurement management includes acquiring qualified vendors or service providers, facilitating in factory audit, transportation of goods and providing technical supports.

Production Management

Our production management generally covers 4 processes and listed as below:
1. Technical clarification and preparation process.
2. Basic production process.
3. Auxiliary production process.
4. Post-production services.

Project Construction

We believe that quality construction is the key to maintain the sustainability of the infrastructure in our power industry. Our qualified team is capable to support our clients in implementing and constructing projects in power industry. We also engage in maintaining the existing infrastructures.